POWER UP the Natural Way!


It's simple really. Our bodies need consistent energy to take on life's daily adventures. That's why POWER UP combines the best ingredients, to give your body what it naturally needs and delight your taste buds too! Whether you're running a 10K, running a company or running to pick up the kids from school, let POWER UP POWER YOU!


Let's face it, sometimes lunch hour is really just pre-dinner. When you don't want to put that project on hold and the team neds to stay focused--try powering through with POwer Up. Each healthy blend helps to stave off hunger. Now if we could only do something about deadlines. 

As a mom, you're always looking out for what's best for your family. and strike the balance between healthy and great taste. With POWER UP you can please the pickiest of your crew while avoiding another day of orange slices (but really we like orange slices too).

We get it. Fitting in that daily workout is tough when you're hungry or tired. Grab a Power up blend on your way to the gym to help you go the etra mile, dig deep in that workout and fuel up!