Power Up the Natural Way!

It's simple really.  

Our bodies need consistent energy to take on life's daily adventures. That's why Power Up combines the best ingredients, to give your body what it naturally needs and delight your taste buds too! We have a variety for every calling!  Whether you're running a 10k, running a company, or running to pick up the kids from school.   

Power Up your snacking and make the most of every day. 


Power Up the NATURAL way. Three meals a day just doesn’t cut it anymore. Our bodies need consistent energy levels throughout the day in order to function at their best. And let’s face it, (if you dare) sugary sweets, questionable supplements, and artificial boosters aren’t the answer. Our snack mixes provide the nutrition and satisfaction your body and taste buds crave. So, Power Up your snacking and make the most of your day.



When your lunch hour hits and you're in the middle of a project, you don't want put everything on hold to indulge in your lunchtime standard double turkey melt on wheat. try powering through with power up to avoid the inevitable nap that will be needed to get back to work. The healthy alternative will fight the craving and keep you focused for the deadline that has sadly already passed. But at least you won't be hungry. 

For the adventurer and thrill seeker, power up provides the boost your body needs while discovering new trails or scaling that rock face you used to think was too high, (and still is!). Trying something adventurous isn't that hard when it comes to snacking, so try an all natural alternative to your traditional trail mix and enjoy as the journey begins.


As a mom, you're always looking out for what's best for your family. You feel like you're forever trying to find that  impossible balance of healthy and great tasting to please the pickiest among your crew. With power up, you get the best of both worlds, followed by a generous dose of appreciation for avoiding yet another day of orange slices in their lunch box. (but really, we have nothing against orange slices.) 


High energy is provides all that you need to get through your high intensity workout without dragging you down.